If you provide testing for HIV and/or hepatitis B and C in a clinical or community setting, or coordinate testing programmes in a public health setting, then please take this EuroTEST survey on testing consent requirements.

Requirements for consent for blood borne virus testing vary across European countries and tend to differ for HIV and viral hepatitis. European guidelines recommend that written consent, and individualised pre-test counselling to perform HIV testing, is not required. An overview of European testing consent requirements is lacking.

This survey collects information about HIV and viral hepatitis testing consent requirements (policy and practice) in the countries of the WHO European Region. The resulting mapping will highlight differences between consent requirements for HIV and viral hepatitis and serve as input for developing a recommended testing consent procedure, with possible variation across setting.

The survey consists of five main questions and should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. You may click 'save and return later' to complete the submission at a later time.

When completing the survey, please pay attention to the explanations and definitions provided in footnotes to questions 2 and 3. Also, please note that all forms of consent assessed via this survey refers to consent provided by conscious patients only (i.e. excluding situations where a person is unable to provide informed consent due to physical or mental incapacity).

Deadline to respond: 30 November 2023

For any questions, please contact the EuroTEST secretariat at eurotest.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and important contribution to increase representativeness and impact of this work and ultimately reduce barriers for testing in the region. 

Please note that all personal information (name, job title, affiliation and e-mail) is being collected solely with the purpose of being able to contact you in case we need to request any clarifications regarding submitted response. We collect this with the legal basis in article 6, section 1, paragraph F in the General Data Protection Regulation concerning a legitimate interest that we and you as participants in the survey may have. You can read more about your rights here. You are always welcome to contact us at eurotest.rigshospitalet@regionh.dk if you have any questions about how we process your data or your rights.

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